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Welcome to Silver Star Rattery!

SLVR rats are adorable, lovable, and irresistable!

Silver Star Rattery was formerly called Silver Cuddles Rattery and was established in 2004 in San Diegp, CA. Now Wildomar, CA! I specialize in blues, blazes, as well as dumbo and/or rex traits. I sometimes have a wide variety of colors and types available as well. I breed for health and temperament first and color/type second. I believe in keeping the rat population as healthy and long-lived as possible as well as being the best possible cuddly pets they can be. I keep thorough records of all rats so that I always have them to reference and record everything.

I have had some great litters in a variety of colors and types. Adopters are more than welcome to ask for extra photos of babies they are interested in. I usually have some photos available from day one to the day they're ready for adoption.

I am always available to answer questions to new rat owners and even the more experienced ones. I am also available after you've completed your adoption for further questions. If you have a question of any kind, don't hesitate to ask me... and if I don't know the answer, I'll find out for you!


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